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Summer Psalms

The little New Testament that fits in your back pocket likely does not include the Old Testament book of Leviticus. But it probably does include an Old Testament book called The Psalms. Why this book? Why have the people of God clung to this treasury of songs and prayers for almost three millennia? For one, The Book of Psalms is unique. Most of Scripture is God speaking to us. But The Psalms are God’s people speaking to God. They are the unfiltered overflow of mature souls pouring themselves out to God. In the deepest of pain, the darkest of doubts, and the highest of joys, the writers of The Psalms find a reason to sing; a reason to worship. Their roots are deep in God. We believe worship is both seeing what God is worth and giving Him what He is worth. It is putting our roots down deep into God and then letting the fruit of our lives praise Him. This summer we are going to discover, with the Psalmists, a reason to sing.

God Our Creator Series God Our Creator

By: Tyler Macke
Psalm 8
Father's Day

God Our Shepherd Series God Our Shepherd

By: Mark Yoder
Psalm 23
Independence Day

God Our Deliverer Series God Our Deliverer

By: Andy Borgelt
Psalm 40

God Our Soul's Desire Series God Our Soul's Desire

By: Tyler Macke
Psalm 63

God Our Refuge Series God Our Refuge

By: Rady Keeler
Psalm 91

God's Competitors Series God's Competitors

By: Gary Harpst
Psalm 115

Our Great God Series Our Great God

By: Tyler Macke
Psalm 145