Lead THE Cause



Ministry Overview

St. John Mennonite Church wants to invite all High School students to participate in our 2018 Chicago Summer Mission Trip/Training Seminar: Lead THE Cause! We live in a cause-centric world. Everyone wants to be apart of something big, something of value, something that will change the world. So let's get behind the ultimate cause -THE Cause of making disciples. Because in the end, it's the only cause that will transform lives both now and for all eternity!

"Go and make disciples…" - Jesus (Matthew 28:19)

Making disciples who make disciples is THE Cause Jesus has called all of us to.

What is Lead THE Cause

Lead THE Cause is a disciple-making muvement for students. It's where the discipleship model of Christ combines with the mission of Christ to create Gospel Advancing ministry. This week-long intensive helps students focus on reaching their world for Jesus. Participants from around the nation meet to worship, learn and practice disciple-making skills each day. The event combines small and large group training in evan- gelism with opportunities to engage unbelievers in different contexts. Students are equipped with practical conversation skills and witnessing approaches and leave not only with more confidence and passion for sharing their faith, but equipped to lead and train others to do the same.


Lead THE Cause conference will be held at the beautiful cam- pus of Wheaton College and housing will be in college dorms.

Chaperones & Safety

Safety and supervision will be emphasized and a key topic discussed in future training meetings. All ministry activities will be done in groups with adult chaperones present at all times.

Schedule Overview

June 18—Depart from St. John Church close to 12:00 p.m.

June 18 - 22—Training, Discipleship, Evangelism.

June 23—This is a free day for our group to check out the city and do our own thing (maybe a little Giordono's pizza, night Frisbee at the beach, Michigan Ave. shopping...) More details coming soon.

June 24—We will attend a Sunday morning worship service together as a group, go out for lunch, then travel home. Should be home around 6:00 p.m.


$550/student which includes lodging, transportation, meals, and conference fee. In addition student's will need to bring extra spending money for June 23 free day in the city. 

How to Register

Click Here for Students Under 18

Click Here for Adults and Students 18 and Older



Engaging speakers and training by fellow youth leaders will instill a passion within your teens for the unreached in their world as they see the need and understand their role as a disciple.







Your students will gain real skills for engaging others in spiritual conversations. Along with the ability to communicate the full gospel, your teens will be able to lead those ready, into a faith- relationship with Jesus.







Faith-stretching evangelism experiences throughout the week to move the training from theory to practice. And your group will also come away with impact plans for engaging your community back home.