Sr. High (9th - 12th)




Each week there will be a different emphasis for the High school students to come together and experience.  The four different emphases are: Combo ABF, Testimony, Hmmm?, and Serve. Below is a short description for each category to help give you an idea of what the different Sunday’s will look like.  


Once a month someone from our church family will come to our class and share their faith story.


Combo ABF    

As a class we have the opportunity to join the Combined ABF hour and hear missionaries from all around the world share what God is doing in their lives and ministry. 



This is a time where we will come together as a class and be led in a discussion/teaching on a relevant topic the kids want to talk about.  



As a class we desire to find ways to serve others in our church family and currently we are serving the residents at the Bluffton Mennonite Home (410 West Elm Bluffton).  Every Sunday morning at the Nursing Home there’s a 9:30 a.m.service for the residents (many who have in the past attended St. John) and we have the honor of worshiping together, building relationships, and helping with transport to and from the service. 



What's the purpose of Small Groups?

The heart of our small group ministry is provide a place where, for starters, high school students would want to come because their friends are there, it's fun, and theirs good food. But we want to go further than just have fun and eat good food. We want to take time in each meeting to talk about relevant topics that affect every teenager's life. We want to talk about topics like friendship, making wise choices, identity, hurt, doubt, and family to name a few and we want to look at each of the topics from a Biblical viewpoint.


Who are Small Groups for?

Every week starting September 11th, 2017 there will be many high school students (9th-12th grade) from many different schools meeting together for usually 90 minutes. Small groups are divided by school and gender and currently we have Pandora-Gilboa, Bluffton, and Columbus Grove girls and guys small groups established.


How can I get connected to a Small Group?

If you are interested in joining a small group please contact Paul Ginther and he will direct you to a group that best fits you.



Paul Ginther

Director of Youth Ministries


Mobile 419-348-8783 (call or text)

15988 Road 4, Pandora, Ohio 45877