Jr. High (7th - 8th)




Sunday School is to educate (knowledge, skills, and attitudes) about being disciples of Jesus Christ, using the Bible as the primary input, seeking to build and equip believers for works of service, evangelism, and ministry.

WHO:  7th - 8th graders
WHEN:  9:45 - 10:45 a.m. Sunday mornings
WHERE:  Room 422 (Junior High Room) at St. John Mennonite Church



Ever been in the middle of Walmart during a Black Friday Event? (a whirlwind of excitement and confusion) Middle school students often feel that way, even when they're alone! It can be a confusing and exciting time. Jr. High is a unique time where many important life decisions are made. Club 2 is a Wednesday gathering tailored to help them sort it all out. With gifted presenters, heartfelt small group discussions broken down by gender, led by caring adult leaders, with the Bible as the main source of input - Club 2 seeks to provide an environment where:

...students feel welcomed to come.

...students feel safe to be themselves.

...students are encouraged to connect with friends - old and new.

...students feel welcomed & comfortable to explore what it means to know and follow Jesus.

WHO: 7th - 8th graders

WHEN: 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. Wednesday Night's

WHERE: Paul Ginther's Home (11375 Phillips Road Bluffton, Ohio)



Paul Ginther: 419-348-8783 or pginther@stjohnmennonite.org


July 08
Road trip! Join s as we head to Fort Wayne for some jumping fun. Visit the church website to find out all the details and learn how to register.
July 20

This summer you &\; all of your friends are invited to our Jr. High Summer \; trip to Canfield, Ohio. \; This 5 day trip will be a mixture of fun, adventure, \; service, &\; numerous opportunities to connect with friends &\; God! \; \; \; \; \; \; \; \; \; \; \; \;  \; \; \; \; \; \; \; \; \; Visit the church website to find out all the details &\; learn how to register! \;

August 05
Road trip! Bring your sunscreen and friends and let's get our canoe on! See website for details including how to register.
August 29
Wednesday 7:00 PM

Plan to meet at Paul Ginther’s house (11375 Phillips Road, Bluffton) for an evening of food, games, and fun. \; Make sure your entire class knows they are invited! \; Let’s prepare to have another GREAT year! \;