2017 Marriage Seminar


Your marriage is designed for much more than you are presently experiencing. What a bold statement. If God’s design says marriage affects His reputation in the world, then why is it so hard? Husbands feel disrespected and wives feel unloved. Understanding simple concepts taken from God’s Word can help you see how God’s design for marriage can lead to a good marriage. Paul and Rebecca Perkins have been married for 37 years and will share what God has taught them through their struggles and joys as they have applied the principles of Love & Respect written by Emmerson Eggerichs.

Join us for this one day seminar packed full of practical information, interaction, and fun. Lunch is provided (Donations welcome).

A Love & Respect workbook is available. The workbook is designed to follow the seminar sessions. Couples can share a workbook or each purchase your own.

Workbooks are $5.00. You will be notified when the workbooks arrive and can pay at that time. Indicate on the sign up link how many workbooks you want to order for purchase.

There will be a date night prize giveaway at the end of the seminar to one couple!


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